The Divorce Mediation Training program began in 2010 as part of Conflict Resolution Training, Inc., a company founded by Susan Deveney. Susan's interest in non adversarial systems of conflict and dispute resolution began early in her career as a litigator. She witnessed firsthand the deficiencies and insurmountable challenges presented by the adversarial system of litigation to reach effective, informed and acceptable solutions to conflicts that were presented to courts.

When asked to begin training mediators in 2010, Susan began to envision a national training organization that would build a community of properly trained mediation and conflict resolution professionals, who could collaborate and grow a non adversarial system of dispute resolution. The training programs she designed then, and the training programs that have been designed by her and the team that is now part of the Conflict Resolution Training brand, have always been based upon real world, practical instruction and interactive learning. Our students do not learn by videotape. Every class we teach, whether on-site or online, is live and interactive.


Through decades of experience as a conflict resolution specialist and mediator in business, political, legislative, administrative, courtroom and classroom settings, Susan has honed her talent as a skilled and highly creative conflict resolution specialist and now enjoys sharing her experience with students of Conflict Resolution Training and our community.


In addition to designing litigation prevention systems including training programs for organizations of virtually any type, Susan mediates conflict in family/divorce, workplace, employment, partnership, commercial, governmental, nonprofit and other settings. She performs workplace and employment investigations and mediates complex marital and probate estate dissolution disputes. Susan is a member of State and Federal Bar admissions and memberships in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Florida.

Since its founding, CRT has grown to include faculty and instructors in three countries and all across the United States. Susan and the CRT team have trained thousands of mental health professionals, lawyers, business, finance, coaching and other professionals all across the country and from several other countries, including Canada, Greece, the UK, and Jamaica.

Meet The Team


CFP® ADFA™ CDFA®, QDRO Specialist

George Morrison

Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Mediator, Professor, Author, Industrial and Organizational Psychologist.

Dr. Jerry D. Smith Jr.

Clinical Psychologist, Business Consultant, Leadership Development Coach, CRT Certified Mediator

Dr. Robert Carrillo

Licensed Psychotherapist, Certified Divorce Mediator

Susanne Armstrong

Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified Divorce Mediator

Angela Abide

M.Ed., LPC, Certified Mediator​


Gerson Sternstein, MD

MD-Psychiatry; Physician Executive;
Founder-Paragon Behavioral Health;   Certified BYS Business Development Coach; Certified Divorce Mediator

Dr. Josephine Minardo

Clinical Psychologist, Certified Divorce Mediator


Sean Saari

CPA/ABV, CVA, MBA Valuation Expert

Dr. Tenille Richardson Quamina

PhD, LCSW, Certified Divorce Mediator

Dr. CK Blackmore

Licensed Psychotherapist, Social Psychologist, Divorce Mediator, Author, Professor, and Entrepreneur

Elizabeth Jewett Owen, Esq.

Attorney at Law, Certified Mediator, QDRO Specialist

Dr. Lolita Smith



Sharee Burkel

CFP®, CDFA® QDRO Specialist™

Dr. Tracy Johnston

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, a Nationally Certified Counselor, and a Board Certified Coach