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Are you looking for online mediation training programs to expand your work portfolio or earn credits toward a professional license? If so, Conflict Resolution Training has the virtual continuing education opportunities for you! Continuing Education Units or CEUs are measures used in continuing education programs to help professionals maintain their licenses. 

Whether you're a psychologist, social worker, marriage and family therapist, nurse, paralegal, attorney or another professional seeking engaging education for credit toward license renewal, or seeking to add a new revenue stream to your practice, online CEU courses are excellent ways to get the live credits you need. The best part? You can take them from the comfort of your home!

Conflict Resolution Training is the only mediation company approved for Continuing Education Units in every state across the U.S. We offer three online mediation training certification programs: Divorce Mediation Training, Special Education Mediation Training and Workplace Mediation Training. 

Weekday, Evening and Weekend Classes are Available
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Choose from a Wide Variety of  Course Formats
Divorce Mediation Training
(33.5 CE Credits)
Training as a Divorce Mediator is offered in a variety of session formats.
Regardless of the format you select, the training you receive, including program contents, exercises, forms, Divorce Mediator Certificate and Continuing Education Certificate are exactly the same. The only difference is personal preference. The following formats are available.
10 Week Format - The Program is divided into 10 weekly, evening sessions.
8 Week Format - The Program is divided into 8 weekly, half-day sessions.
4 Week Format - The Program is divided into 4 weekly, full-day sessions.
2 Week Format - The Program is divided into two weekend sessions, meeting Fridays and Saturdays for two consecutive weeks. 
Call us today for assistance in selecting the program format that best fits your schedule!
Online Classes are Approved for Live and In-Person Continuing Education Credit!
Affordable Programs with Payment Plan Options!
Easy to Attend from the Privacy of your own Home or Office - No Travel or Parking Fees!

Online Divorce Mediation Training 

The benefits of enrolling in our online Divorce Mediation Training include:

  • Mental health professionals can provide services to clientele outside of the dictates of insurance and managed care.

  • With an online Divorce Mediation Training Certificate, you'll have a new stream of income by taking on private pay clients.

  • You can finish all online Divorce Mediation Training courses in four days — CRT is the only mediation training company that offers this certification in four days instead of five (or at other intervals that meet your scheduling needs.) 

  • 33.5 Continuing Education Units may be earned by psychologists, social workers, marriage and family therapists and professional counselors who attend the Divorce Mediation Training program for mental health professionals.

Online Special Education Mediation Training


Online Special Education Mediation Training by Conflict Resolution Training prepares individuals for mediation work in special education. Mediators with a Special Education Mediation Training Certification facilitate a dispute resolution process for parents with special needs children and school districts. 

Individuals enrolled in our online conflict resolution certificate programs learn the steps involved in resolving organizational disputes in government settings as well as IEP disputes in educational settings.

Online Workplace Mediation Training

CRT's Workplace Mediation and Dispute Resolution Program provides the tools needed by busy HR professionals, managers and business owners to resolve, prevent and manage workplace conflict. Legal, mental health and business professionals receive continuing education credit* for this Program!

* Please call for credits available for your license or in your state.

Who Can Take Online Mediation Training Courses?

At Conflict Resolution Training, our online mediation training courses for CEUs and certification are open to a variety of individuals based on the program.

We offer online Divorce Mediation Training for:

  • Individual Therapists

  • Attorneys

  • Mediators

  • Certified Divorce Financial Analysts, or CDFAs

  • Paralegals

  • Nurses

  • Mental Health Agencies

  • Social Work Graduate Schools

  • Psychology Graduate Schools

  • Psychology or Therapy Practices

  • Adults seeking self-employment opportunities

You can apply for online Special Education Mediation Training if you are a:

  • Mediator

  • Individual Therapist

  • Attorney

  • Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, or CDFA

  • Paralegal

  • Nurse

  • Mental Health Agency

  • Social Work Graduate School

  • Psychology Graduate School

  • Psychology or Therapy Practice

  • Public and Private School with Special Education Program

  • School Administrator

  • School Teacher

  • Parent of a child requiring Special Education Services

  • Adult seeking self-employment opportunities

Our online Workplace Mediation Training is open to:

  • Businesses of all sizes

  • HR Professionals

  • Workplace Managers

  • Psychologists

  • Social Workers

  • Mediators

  • Certified Divorce Financial Analysts, or CDFAs

  • Attorneys

  • Paralegals

  • Business Schools

  • Business Graduate Schools

  • Adults seeking self-employment opportunities

How Soon Can I Start Mediating?

You can begin mediating immediately upon completion of your selected Mediation Program. Select the learning pace that fits your schedule! We offer many online CEU courses for live credits in the morning, afternoon, evening and even weekend hours throughout the calendar year. 

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