Leaders in Conflict Resolution & Mediation

Our Founder

Susan Deveney, our Founder and Head Instructor, began designing mediation training programs twelve years ago at the request of psychology and legal professionals who were interested in bringing her mediation techniques and business model into their own practices. 

Susan has trained thousands of mediators across the United States since 2010. She and her Conflict Resolution Training team work with universities, schools, businesses and professionals to bring conflict resolution training and services into educational communities and workplace environments across the country. 

Our Company

Thousands of mental health professionals, attorneys, paralegals, human resource professionals, clergy and practicing mediators have relied upon our interactive and entertaining educational experience for advancing their professional careers. Our graduates learn new skills that grow their practices into new levels of competencies, which add additional streams of income to their businesses.

We continue to expand our growing number of on-site and online training programs in mediation and other conflict resolution related topics.

All of our instructors are recognized experts in their fields who provide highly rated lecture and instruction, as well as post-program assistance to participants.

Conflict Resolution Training is committed to providing legal and mental health professionals with the most interesting, engaging, content-rich continuing education courses available.​