Working with High Conflict Couples: Strategies for Treatment and Mediation


What prevents some couples from being able to sustain romantic, meaningful relationships that satisfy their needs and desires? Why do people often feel compelled to punish those closest to them?  This course helps mental health providers and mediation professional alike answer these questions and more by providing participants with a review of theoretical models as well as techniques that can increase clinicians’ and mediators understanding of and ability to assist individuals in developing and maintaining open and effective communication in their relationships and/or throughout the mediation process.  Participants will learn how to help couples challenge self-protective behaviors that interfere with effective communication and reaching fair and equitable resolutions to conflict.


Coming Spring 2021!

Working with High Conflict Couples

  • This program is a live remote participation learning experience. It is available to participants regardless of geographic location. Attendees will enter the classroom remotely from a home or work computer. No travel necessary!